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I'm SIX10, but my real name is James. I have interests in film and linguistics, and while I have programmed for many years, I've realized it isn't for me. I am still interested in technology however, hence this website :).

I also host what is probably the most comprehensive collection of all things Serial Experiments Lain, all wrapped up in a rar file. Judging by my website statistics, it's probably what you're here for. You can find that up there.

You might notice I don't even have a stylesheet here. I am a big proponent of web-minimalism, and hope my website exemplifies that. I have taken inspiration from many sources on the design. Down with Javascript!

I also have a geminicapsule at gemini:// ! If you like the stuff here, theres more there! I'll also be HTMLifying some of it and putting it up on here.

I also have my own YouTube channel that I post various videos on, with such classics such as Plant Tour and Video of Under My Bed

I can be emailed at I try and respond to all emails, but because this domain is relatively new, they might be put in your spam!

If you like this site and would like to donate, my BTC Address is 33Nq243sSsaHdfx18XmATnc9KD2JkSJzKk and my Monero address is 46NoU1555WkWsmdAGU3ghgKD5xfBy6pSB5yha2qKM8NW4GWbu4bCGMv9CfJzSq3saeVo5HZYYoG16jQGCU1Z4jZtSNqrqza. Alternatively, you can email me at if you'd like to donate through Zelle, Venmo. All donations go towards hosting.