Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain is a show near and dear to my heart. It's strange, surreal, but deals with themes that we deal with today. Here you will find a compilation of all things I can find relating to the show. Some of it's rare, and as far as I know, can only be found here. You're free to host it and update it wherever you like, just please leave the readme intact. Enjoy.


LainPack is a pack full of Lain stuff, including pictures, avatars, fan-art, backgrounds, the anime itself, the complete OST and more.

Download here: Download


This is a version of LainPack WITHOUT the anime, significantly reducing the file size from 8 gigs to just 2. Download this if you already have a copy of the anime and just want all the other rare goodies this pack has to offer.

Download here: Download


Hosting LainPack takes up a good chunk of bandwidth on this server, making hosting a little bit pricey. If you like LainPack and want to donate, both my BTC and Monero address are on my homepage. All donations will go toward hosting.