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LainPack is a pack full of Lain stuff, such as Lain pictures, avatars, banners, the anime its self, the complete OST and more. Download here: Download


Partly (clicking here will invite it) is my Discord bot. It can play music, give you a random WebM or spooky image, and more. Typing p+help in your Discord server will give you its full range of commands.


Freshman year of highschool for a project in CompSci class I made a fansite for the video game series Counter-Strike. I still am very proud of the design but the content is severly outdated. Who knows, just might update it soon ;) .

Retired Projects was my attempt at starting a live stream from scratch of random WebMs from 4chan's board /wsg/. It would segregate WebMs into "blocks" much like a TV block (Anime block, YLYL block, etc.). I realized that 1: Creating a live stream from scratch is super hard and 2: that my current server can't handle encoding of video well. I haven't released the project's files publicly yet, but if you would like them contact me on through my email (Contact page) or Discord (SIX10#0877).